There are few things in this world that are more precious to me than my creations. I handle/treat them all with an artist's love and everything I sell is carefully stored away from heat, moisture, etc. I PERSONALLY inspect and pack ALL orders myself, and I guarantee that only artwork and its associated merchandise in pristine, like-new condition will ever be sold by me or MacLeod Dragons™.

As an artist and sole proprietor, I know my business relies solely on the my work arriving at its destination perfectly intact. Over the years, as I discovered the ins and outs of shipping fragile artwork, I have made my fair share of mistakes. I have learned what works and what does not.


        While I cannot control or be responsible for what transpires after I hand over my orders to the shipping carrier, I operate on the assumption that there WILL be bumps and jumps and package accordingly to nullify these effects. I have developed a system of packaging my artwork that truly goes above and beyond protection and has been proven time and time again to minimize any chance of breakage through handling during the shipping process. While the materials for my extensive packaging process are not cheap, the comfort of knowing that the untold hours of work creating it and your hard earned money and expectations are protected are worth every cent!

        As an added level of assurance, I make sure that EVERYTHING that leaves my hands is 100% covered by insurance through the shipping carrier(ie. USPS). I do not charge my clients extra for this service, nor do I charge handling fees for the money I spend on protective measures/packing materials. I take the duty of ensuring my creations arrive at their destination in their original, pristine condition to heart. To me, this is simply the cost of doing good business.


        The protective packaging for my artwork and merchandise consists of bubble wrap (Both small and large air pocket), 2" soft carpet foam and, in some cases also 1" styrofoam pads. For larger pieces, the cardboard shipping box is completely lined with 2" carpet foam, creating a protective cocoon in which the bubble wrapped sculpture will later be placed inside.The entire sculpture itself and the voids within are filled with small, loosely packed pieces of carpet foam, then wrapped over/under and around half a dozen times each (Not too tightly). I then wrap it again, both over/under and around but a little tighter than the initial wrapping. I use as much bubble wrap as necessary until the wrapped sculpture fits snug into the foam lined box. The entire exterior of the shipping box is then wrapped tightly in extra strength shipping tape and shrink wrap, with special attention to all the corners to ensure no moisture can get inside.


        Yes, I do ship all over the world, from the UK to Australia and New Zealand and for all international orders over $100 usd shipping is free! My packaging has been proven to be especially effective protection over long distances and journeys. All international orders are accompanied by the proper customs paperwork and include a packing slip.

        Many countries do not charge customs duties or tariffs on original artwork as long as the customs paperwork is filled out clearly and correctly and the proper Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS Tariff) code is listed. For future considerations, the International Harmonized code for original sculptures and statuary, in any material is 9703.00.00 00

        Check your country's customs policies to find out if you will be liable for any customs duties/tariffs on your purchase(s). I will provide your package with the necessary paperwork to avoid any unnecessary hold ups at customs or inappropriately applied custom duties or taxes. However, if despite my best efforts, your country does not exclude original artwork and/or other merchandise from such duties or taxes, you will be responsible for paying them.