What is MacLeod Dragons™ Fan Fridays, or MDFF?

Over the years I have gained many fans and friends from around the world, from every walk of life. There has seemed to be no limit to the heartfelt generosity, dedication and appreciation you have shown both myself and my family over the years. You all have been so instrumental in my personal growth as an artist and inspiring confidence in my work. I owe my artistic successes and popularity in large part to your undying, loyal support. MacLeod Dragons™ Fan Fridays, or MDFF is my way of giving back to all of you for all you have done for me.

My Official MD merchandise giveaways will be held on the first Friday of every month right here on macleoddragons.com. Participating fans will be able to score free MacLeod Dragons™ swag such as:

  • T-Shirts, Mugs, MD PhotoPrints
  • Limited Edition Autographed #/25 MD PhotoPrints,
  • Autographed memorabilia,
  • Exclusive 1:1 collectibles
  • Original artwork like hand-sculpted, hand-painted Mini-Dragons and MD Exclusives™!

With MDFF, being a fan of MacLeod Dragons™ has never been more rewarding! My hope is that with future successes, I will be able to expand these giveaways to more Fridays every month!

How do I participate in these giveaways?

Participating in the MDFF Giveaways is extremely easy! All you have to do is sign up for my macleoddragons.com newsletter. You can find the submission box for subscribing on the very bottom of my home page, or by entering your email address in the newsletter pop-up that automatically opens every once in a while on my website (Unless you have clicked on "DON'T SHOW THIS POPUP AGAIN"). That's it!

One you submit your email address, you are automatically entered into the giveaways each and every month and will remain so without any further necessary action for as long as you are subscribed to my newsletter.

How, when and where are the winners announced?

The MDFF Giveaways will be held on the first Friday of every month right here on macleoddragons.com between 8:00-9:00 PM est. A random email address will be drawn from all those subscribed to my newsletter. The winner will be announced on my MD Blog and will be sent an email with instructions on claiming their swag. If the winning email notification goes unanswered and the prize remains unclaimed after a period of one week, the claim will be nullified. The prize will then go back up for grabs via another giveaway scheduled for the following Friday. (So please make sure emails from macleoddragons.com are not going to your spam folder!) You will also be able to find information on the date/prize(s)of the next giveaway in advance on my blog as well, so check back regularly to stay informed!

Will I be responsible for any shipping charges for any giveaway prizes won?

No. I will pay the shipping charges for all prizes given out through my giveaways. However, if you live outside the U.S. and any customs duties are applied to your shipment, you be responsible for paying those taxes. I will not pay for customs duties/tariffs, but I will provide your package with the necessary paperwork to minimize any chance of that occurring.