I am currently accepting new commissions. Getting on my commission waiting list is extremely simple. If you wish to have your name placed on the list, email me at . Please be sure to include the following information in your email:

    • BUDGET: I need an estimated budget for the piece. That budget will be the determining factor of the size and extent of detail for your piece, so please make sure your budget fits what you are looking for. (See PRICE RANGE EXAMPLES below for help.)
    • THEME: An idea or theme. You can also include any specific details you wish to have incorporated into your piece. The more detail you provide me the easier it will be to price up an estimate.
    • LOCATION: To allow time to iron out any logistic obstacles and/or requirements, I need the city/town and country in which you reside. For example, international orders will require extra paperwork to avoid customs hold-ups and avoidable customs duties.
    • TIMETABLE: Some clients have commissioned pieces from me as gifts for family or friends. Others need time to save up the money for their piece. A rough estimate on how soon you intend to be ready to have your piece made (for scheduling purposes).

    ***PLEASE NOTE that I DO NOT and WILL NOT sculpt trademarked characters. Period. Do not ask me as any requests to do so will be automatically rejected. I take great pride in being an artist that creates his own original characters, concepts and designs, and I know all too well the feeling of having my work shamelessly copied. I will not infringe on another artist's copyrighted works, irregardless of whether those characters belong to an individual or a corporation.***


    Once your name is added to the list your project will be in queue. Your placement on the list will determine how much time will pass until your piece is ready to be created. This period is the perfect time to fine polish ideas you have for your piece and make determinations in regards to colors, etc. 

    While some artists elect to charge a small fee for waiting list placement, I do NOT. I realize that your circumstances may change and that when your name is called, you may:

    • Need more time
    • May no longer be able to afford commissioning a piece
    • No longer wish to commission a piece

    I do not believe in taking money for work I have yet to do and quite possibly may never do. I will not ask for any money until your name comes up on the list, and you give me the go ahead to start your piece.

    Please note that I cannot give exact estimates on the timing of your piece, as every piece is handmade and takes it's own time. I will do my absolute best to keep you all updated as far as timing and provide you as much an advanced notice as I can when your time is coming close. Just know that once you are on the list, I WILL get to you!

    If by chance your name comes up,and you are not ready, I can bump your name down the list to provide you more time, or, if you so choose, take it off completely. There is no commitment on your part. I COMMIT to you, by giving you a reserved spot to have a unique one-of-a-kind sculpture created specially for you.


    Once I get to your project, I will confirm with you that you still desire to commission a piece. If the answer is yes, we will agree on the final details of the piece and the final pricing. I have a firm payment policy when it comes to commission work. The first payment is due as a deposit before I start work on your piece and is equivalent to half the purchase price. I will send you an invoice via email through PayPal. (ALL my commission payments are taken through PayPal. It is the easiest, most trusted and most accepted form of payment for both the buyer and seller.)  Even if you don't have a PAYPAL account, you can still pay the invoice using a visa or mastercard. Once I have received confirmation of payment, the work on your piece will begin. Once your piece is completed, the remaining balance of your piece plus the shipping charges (if applicable) must be paid before it will be shipped.



    BASE DIA: 5"-9"        APROX. TIME TO COMPLETE: 3 days - 1 Week        APROX. # of HOURS: 45-80        LEVEL OF DETAIL: Low to Moderate

    The pieces below fit into the $200-$500 price range, calculated by the size, scale, length of time taken to create and final selling price. Pieces in this range go from a basic dragon and base with minimal detail to dragons with moderate detail and scenery. The majority of the pieces I make fall somewhere in between this category and MEDIUM. Please note that while the category is listed as 'SMALL', nothing I create is really that small. I do not work in miniature in the way that many other artists do. The easier it is to get my fingers in to smaller spaces to work, the smoother and more efficient the process goes. It actually takes MORE time to sculpt something really small, not less. I prefer not having to use a magnifying glass to sculpt, so I prefer ALL my pieces to be a good size.


    BASE DIA: 9"-12"         APROX. TIME TO COMPLETE: 1 to 3 Weeks        APROX. # of HOURS: 80-160        LEVEL OF DETAIL: Moderate to High

    The pieces below fit into the $500-$900 price range, calculated by the size, scale, length of time taken to create and final selling price. Pieces in this range go from a dragon and base with moderate detail to multiple dragons with high detail and scenery. Please note that while the category is listed as 'MEDIUM', compared to other artist's work, they are actually quite large. Common feedback from clients after receiving their pieces are it was bigger than they had expected.



    BASE DIA: 12"+        APROX. TIME TO COMPLETE: 3 weeks - Months        APROX. # of HOURS: 160+        LEVEL OF DETAIL: Extremely High

    The pieces below fit into the $900+ price range, calculated by the size, scale, length of time taken to create and final selling price. These pieces are the largest and most intricate projects, and take roughly a month or more to complete. They are extremely labor intensive and involve detailed and complicated processes to sculpt and later paint. They are also, however the most visually appealing and noteworthy.