My name is Ryan MacLeod, a self-taught artist and the owner/creator behind MacLeod Dragons™. My dragons are meant to stimulate the inner child residing within all of us. They embody the endless fascination, imagination, and innocence of our childhood; a time in which the realm of possibility was limited only by the depth of our imaginations.

I know how fleeting money feels today, especially post-recession. For many, every dollar counts, and there really is little 'extra'. I also know how chaotic and scary the world has become to so many of us. Now more than ever, we are all looking for more love and light to brighten up our lives. We all find it in a plethora of different ways but I am guessing you, like myself, find it in art. (After all, you are here, reading this.) Beautiful art truly has the power to fill us with warmth, to move us with hope, to make us laugh, cry and/or smile.

So when someone decides to spend on original, handmade artwork I am keenly aware that it represents a big financial AND emotional investment on their part. When that purchase is MY artwork, the client will ALWAYS be able to take comfort in knowing that their hard-earned money is well spent. For all those who love and follow my work, my commitment to its quality is well known and evident. For me, my artwork has always truly been a labor of love and passion, and I put a little piece of my heart and soul into EACH and EVERY piece. Regardless of whether it is a smaller piece for $200, or a larger, more intricate one for $5000, each is afforded the time, dedication and attention in deserves to ensure it satisfies my own impossible standards. Each piece is meticulously sculpted and crafted, then painted by hand, stroke by stroke. No airbrushing. No 'production lines', no fast-tracks, and no shortcuts. My Grandfather was fond of saying, 'Anything worth doing is worth doing right' and I have always taken that to heart. These days the things we buy seem like watered down versions from what we used to get. This will NEVER be the case with MacLeod Dragons™. I stake my name on it, and that is worth MORE to me than gold or silver ever could.

Interesting Facts



The average amount of time spent creating one of my dragon pieces from the start of sculpting to the end of painting. It is often the detail work that is the most time consuming but also the most rewarding. The right detail done right can really elevate a piece.


In-House Design.

I personally design EVERYTHING I put out for MacLeod Dragons™, from all the logos and graphic elements, associated merchandise to this very store. I actually do the majority of the graphic design work not using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator but simple photo editing software from the Windows XP era. (It came with an old scanner my mom used to own.) The best tools are sometimes the most worn and familiar. (You should SEE some of my paintbrushes!)



The average amount of time I spend sketching or drawing out my ideas before I start sculpting. I RARELY draw anything out. Instead, I use what I refer to as my 'mental sketchpad'. In my head I can see the sculpture in its finished state, details and all. More often than not that image changes and evolves during the sculpting process, as new and better ideas manifest. All these changes are made in real time, thus saving the lives of countless erasers and me untold hours!